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Complete dentures are restorations made for a patient who doesn't have any teeth of their own. After teeth are removed, the bone which was supporting the teeth begins to resorb or shrink away over time. Often this leaves little structure for a denture to rest on, often making the dentures loose and difficult to control.

Complete dentures are typically made out of modern high density plastic materials, including the teeth. Replacement teeth have been developed that are very natural looking and highly esthetic.

The process of making a complete denture is a 4 to 5 step process. At the first appointment, impressions are made using average sized trays. Stone models are made to allow a custom fit tray to be fabricated to use for the second appointment. A very accurate impression is then taken which is used to make the denture. At the third appointment, called the records appointment, measurements are made to allow denture-like appliances made out of plastic and wax to be used to determine the size, shape and color of the teeth along with the correct facial support. At the next appointment, the denture-like appliances are tried in to evaluate the function and esthetics. The teeth have been positioned in wax which allows alterations to be made to the arrangement. Once the doctor and the patient are satisfied with the appearance of the teeth, they are then returned to the dental laboratory for processing. At this time, the wax is exchanged for the pink-colored plastic and the dentures are finished. The dentures are then inserted at the final appointment. During this appointment, the tissue surfaces are carefully evaluated and the teeth are adjusted to ensure the correct bite or occlusion. Additional appointments are scheduled as necessary to adjustments.

Dentures should be evaluated once a year to ensure that the tissues and bone support are healing and functioning properly. Depending upon the patient, dentures typically last several years before needing to either be relined or replaced.

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